I'm Patrick Brophy, and I'm an on-location portrait and event photographer in New York City. I'm a bit of a dreamer - a life-long condition, really. Being that dreamer goes a long way to explaining how, 20 years out of Columbia Law School, I at last gave in to my long-time passion for photography and opened Patrick Brophy Photography. The destiny was always there - I was taking darkroom classes even as I was getting ready to take a bar exam. I've come to appreciate that if we're lucky, if we listen to our hearts and work at what we hear, our dreams become our destiny.

I'm drawn to photography the way I'm drawn to my family, to friends, to music, to art, to writing, to the Italian language - all delights to me. I'm drawn to love and to all the beauty there is to be discovered in this wonderful world! The great romantics had all the big connected themes right... love, beauty, truth... My photography seeks to discover the honest-to-goodness love, beauty and emotional truth in the hearts of the those I am privileged to photograph. My style is a mix of tradition and contemporary photojournalism. I want clients to have the traditional portraits they so often expect. However, I especially delight in taking time with clients to let them really be themselves, to forget about me and my camera as much as possible, and then, capturing their truest, unscripted moments and feelings.